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Action Plans

9. Open healthcare: Online listing for treatment and diagnosis within the framework of state funding.

Commitment Start and End Date: 02.2019 - 08.2020
Lead implementing agency: Ministry of Health
Person responsible from implementing agency: Tsaghkanush Sargsyan
Title, Department: Head of the Division for e-Healthcare of the National Institute of Healthcare of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Armenia
Phone: +37460808003

Other actors involved

Other state actors involved

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of High-Tech Industry, Government bodies

Civil society, private sector

Healthcare and social sector NGOs.

Issue subject to regulation

At the moment, the citizen has to go from one medical institution to another, stand in queues, make a call, at best, to find out in which medical institution he or she can be listed and receive medical assistance and servicing that are free of charge and underprivileged conditions upon receipt of a referral, guaranteed by the state, and the medical institution can provide incorrect information that contains corruption risks.

Main objective

Regulation of queues occurring in medical institutions through the online provision of financial thresholds, electronic referrals, and listing, also reducing inconveniences related thereto — the time of the patient and financial expenses, especially for citizens residing in marzes.

Brief description of commitment

At the moment, to raise the public awareness of works actually done, existing places and listings in medical institutions carrying out medical assistance and servicing that are free of charge and under privileged conditions, guaranteed by the state, and to make it transparent, the has been created, in which the above-mentioned data in three colours — red (served), yellow (listed) and green (available), and financial thresholds are shown. The source of showing the thresholds is the data entered in the system for each medical institution within the scope of state funding. The source of data will be more clarified and simplified for the citizen (these services are grouped as their aim is the threshold and financing for the medical institution).

A possibility of on-line listing will also be created. The doctor providing referral will enter the number of the referral in the system and, if necessary, additional documents related to the case will be attached by him or her as well. The patient will be listed from his or her page of the existing system, selecting the medical institution, and attaching the referral. Listing will be carried out in the selected medical institution based on the application, and the patient will be informed about that. To avoid falsifications, the system will perform verification of the number of the referral during listing. The citizen will receive information about the day of receipt of medical assistance at the given medical institution and will have the opportunity to assess the given function from his or her page.

OGP challenge addressed by the commitment

Improving public confidence, ensuring transparency of availability and improvement of the quality of public services, decrease of corruption risks.

Relevance to OGP values

Transparency: online provision of information about financial thresholds will ensure transparency of works done in medical institutions carrying out medical assistance and servicing that are free of charge and under privileged conditions, guaranteed by the State.

Participation and innovation: the possibility of on-line listing and feedback will ensure the participation of citizens in the healthcare sector by assessing the service provided, will raise the level of responsibility of medical institutions and will improve the quality of service provided.


The commitment will ensure oversight over and transparency of services provided within the scope of the state funding in medical institutions.

Potential Impact:


Implementation status


UN Goals

3.8 Achieve total health coverage, including financial risk protection, access to quality essential healthcare services and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all.

Ongoing actions

Action Description
Start Date
End Date
Comment from government
1.1. Development of a technical task for the listing system
2.2. Improvement of the tables of thresholds in the system and block of information on provision of electronic referrals and creation of a listing block on the website of the software
3.3. Pilot trial of the created system at several medical institutions.
4.4. Correction of drawbacks identified during the pilot. Revision of legal documents
5.5. Introduction of feedback mechanism and public awareness.
Conditioned by the coronavirus situation, the feedback questionnaire envisaged for posting on the platform has not been developed by the Ministry and has not been agreed with the EKENG. Based on the epidemic situation, no general public awareness-raising measure was implemented as well, but, based on the need, the online listing tool was put into use within the scope of the awareness-raising and support implemented by the Ministry and medical institutions.