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Parliaments can engage with the OGP in a number of ways

An open parliament – one that encourages transparency, participation, and accountability throughout the legislative process – is an essential part of an open government. Ensuring access to legislative information and creating mechanisms for public participation and accountability are critical to building an open, trusting relationship with citizens. Parliaments can also lead by example by adopting open government principles within their own processes and practices, including measures to improve its accountability to citizens.

Parliaments that decide to engage with OGP have the following options:

  1. Participation in the national or local OGP process
  2. Participation via submission of a standalone Open Parliament Plan
  3. Promote openness beyond the OGP platform

The memorandum for parliamentary engagement in OGP sets out the rationale and approach for parliamentary engagement in OGP. The space for, and specifics of, parliamentary engagement in each OGP process are primarily determined by domestic actors involved in the dialogue.Parliamentary engagement is strongly recommended, especially where it can advance critical open government reforms, but it is not an OGP requirement for participation.

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