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Action Plans

3. “More interactive budget”. Ensuring transparency of the State Budget applying the “public data” principle

Commitment Start and End Date: 10.2016 - 06.2018
Lead implementing agency: Ministry of Finance
Person responsible from implementing agency: Zhirayr Titizyan
Title, Department: Head of Operations Department of the Staff of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia
Phone: +37411910406

Other actors involved

Other state actors involved

e-Governance infrastructure implementation agency, Prime Minister's Office

Civil society, private sector

Helix Consulting LLC (upon consent),

Compass Center for Science, Research, Education and Consulting NGO (upon consent).

Issue subject to regulation

Currently, citizens of the Republic of Armenia have the opportunity to become familiar with the structure of the State Budget of the Republic of Armenia and the estimated and actual expenditures in accordance with functional classification via the online electronic interactive budget posted on the websites of the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia.

The disadvantage of the system is that even though it provides users with the above-mentioned information on the State Budget of the Republic of Armenia, it is not built upon the "public data" principles. The system does not provide users with an opportunity to download the information and process it for their own purposes.

Main objective

Besides the expenditure part, improvement of the system of the interactive electronic budget will provide an opportunity to interactively show not only the estimated revenues but also the actual revenues through sources of generation, to make the search for particular data possible by applying relevant advanced instruments (for example, the distribution of expenditures of the State Budget among state bodies of the Republic of Armenia, etc.), as well as to make the information machine-readable for further processing by users. It will ensure that the information on the State Budget of the Republic of Armenia is user-friendly and will improve the transparency of information on actual expenditures and collected revenues of the State Budget of the Republic of Armenia.

Brief description of commitment

Improvement of transparency of the State Budget based on the "public data" principle.

OGP challenge addressed by the commitment

Improvement of public services

Enhancement of public integrity

Relevance to OGP values

Interactive online presentation of the revenue and expenditure items of the State Budget through the application of the "public data" principle contributes to increasing in accessibility and transparency, through the use of innovation and technologies.


Application of the “public data” principle will allow making the State Budget of Armenia more accessible and understandable for analysts, journalists, and citizens. The system will allow writing a comparative analysis of the budget expenditure, finding consistent patterns, and identifying the problems. In the long run, the instrument will allow planning more effectively on the basis of fact-based analysis.

Potential Impact:


Implementation status


UN Goals

Efficient management of funds of the State Budget, qualitative change in grant projects being implemented, increase in accountability, transparency, and confidence.

Ongoing actions

Action Description
Start Date
End Date
Comment from government
1.1. Discussions with private companies and civil society aimed at clarifying the scope of activities
2.2. Drafting of terms of reference and implementing procurement
3.3. Improvement of the “interactive budget” system based on the “public data” principle also with the option of presenting actual revenues according to sources of generation thereof