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Action Plans

7. Open&Social: Accessibility of integrated social services and awareness raising

Commitment Start and End Date: 11.2016 - 06.2018
Lead implementing agency: Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Person responsible from implementing agency: Arman Sargsyan
Title, Department: Director of the National Institute of Labor and Social Research
Phone: +37410208344

Other actors involved

Other state actors involved

Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure

Civil society, private sector

World Vision Armenia NGO (upon consent), Harmonic Society Armenian Association of Social Workers (upon consent), Apaven NGO (upon consent), Mission Armenia NGO (upon consent), Full Life NGO (upon consent), Armenian Union of Deaf People NGO (upon consent), Armenian Association of the Blind NGO (upon consent), Bridge of Hope NGO (upon consent), Pyunik NGO (upon consent), Armenian Caritas NGO (upon consent), Armenian Association for the Disabled NGO (upon consent), SOS Children's Villages Armenian Charity Foundation (upon consent), Children's Support Center Fund (upon consent), Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) (upon consent), Armavir Development Center NGO (upon consent).

Issue subject to regulation

Nearly 80 state social protection programs are being carried out within the scope of integrated social services in the Republic of Armenia, and the procedures for protection vary. In this regard, there is a need to raise public awareness about business procedures of social services in a more accessible manner and with suitable instruments, as well as make social services more accessible. This will also ensure the increase of transparency and confidence in state-citizen relations.

Main objective

The innovation instruments developed within the framework of the “Open&Social" commitment will ensure access to information on social services that are classified in detail and presented in an automated manner; participation of the public in the assessment of social services online; as well as a rating of organizations providing these services, ensuring an increase in accessibility and transparency of social services for the public.

Brief description of commitment

Introduction of "Open&Social" instrument based on the collection, coordination, analysis, and accessibility of data, and transformation of "114 Hot Line" Service into a Call Center.

OGP challenge addressed by the commitment

Improvement of public services.

Enhancement of public integrity.

Relevance to OGP values

Under this commitment, the quality of services provided by the State will be improved with the help of the processes ensuring public participation, and there will be more access to information and a higher level of public accountability.


Through the feedback on the quality of social services, increase in the level of their effectiveness, access to information, ensuring of public participation.

Potential Impact:


Implementation status


UN Goals

1.3 Develop and enlarge appropriate social protection systems and measures for all. 1.b.1. Proportion of recurrent and capital spending from the State Budget that disproportionately benefit women, and vulnerable groups.

Ongoing actions

Action Description
Start Date
End Date
Comment from government
1.1. Introducing the "Open&Social" instrument at on-line information system of integrated services for the purpose of ensuring access of the beneficiary to information on the social services that are available, ensuring automated provision of information on social services chosen by the beneficiary.
in process
2.2. Posting reports on the results subject to publication with regard to the monitoring and assessment of services provided in the social protection sector that are regularly carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, at under the “Knowledge Management System” of the social protection sector.
in process
3.3. Creating a platform where the public will be provided with an opportunity to give scores to the specific service and the organization providing this service, and as a result of analyzing these scores, such services and organizations functioning in the social protection sector will get a certain rating. Revision of services being provided based on opinions of beneficiaries, simplification of working procedures, reduction of time.
in process
4.4. Extending the scope of services provided by Nork Technological and Awareness Center for Social Services Foundation by way of transforming the Hot Line Service into a Call Center.
in process