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Action Plans

8. "One-stop-shop" in the Army. Introduction of "One-stop-shop" pilot project within military registration offices of the Republic of Armenia

Commitment Start and End Date: 09.2016 - 06.2018
Lead implementing agency: Ministry of Defense
Person responsible from implementing agency: Alexander Avetisyan
Title, Department: Chief Assistant to the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, Head of the Center for Human Rights and Building Integrity at the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia
Phone: +37410294519

Other actors involved

Other state actors involved

Government bodies

Civil society, private sector

Protection of Rights without Borders NGO,

Support and Rights NGO

Issue subject to regulation

The scope of activities of military registration offices is rather diverse, and there is a need to specify legislative regulation for some issues. The given fact adversely affects the clarity of functions of military registration offices, the quality of public services provided, the time limits thereof, having an impact on the level of public confidence. This results in unnecessary administrative and corruption risks.

The introduction of the "One-stop-shop" pilot project within 2-3 military registration offices will provide an opportunity to test its effectiveness in terms of eliminating the above-mentioned issues and artificial obstacles.

Main objective

Improvement of administration in the activities of military registration offices through testing and further introduction of the "One-stop-shop" pilot project and reduction of risks therein, restriction on contacts of citizens with the military registration office personnel, reduction of the time limits for providing requested information/documents.

Brief description of commitment

Implementation of the "One-stop-shop" pilot project within 2-3 military registration offices.

OGP challenge addressed by the commitment

Improvement of public services.

Enhancement of public integrity.

Relevance to OGP values

The introduction of the "One-stop-shop" within military registration offices will increase the availability and reliability of the information, reduce expenses related to the provision of services and improve the quality of public services.


Reduction of administrative and corruption risks, simplification and clarification of processes, increase in public confidence.

Potential Impact:


Implementation status


UN Goals

16.7 Ensure responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels.

Ongoing actions

Action Description
Start Date
End Date
Comment from government
1.1. Clarifying the scope of functions relating to the "One-stop-shop".
2.2. Assessing capacities of military registration offices and selecting military registration offices.
3.3. Introducing the “One-stop-shop”.
4.4. Survey regarding change in public confidence (if necessary).
5.5. Submitting recommendations on making amendments to secondary regulatory legal acts (if necessary).
Taking into account the general logic of the reforms initiated in the military commissariats, it is considered to develop a model of the Unified System instead of the establishment of a Single Window in the 1st military commissariat (by analogy with the Civil acts Registration Office); the necessary functions and services will be provided by Haypost.