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Action Plans

2. Ensuring transparency in mining

Commitment Start and End Date: 10.2014 - 12.2016
Lead implementing agency: Prime Minister's Office
Person responsible from implementing agency: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Armenia /previous/
Title, Department: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Armenia /previous/
Phone: 515954

Other actors involved

Other state actors involved

Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure

Civil society, private sector

Issue subject to regulation

The current situation in the mining sector does not meet the contemporary requirements presented by the state and the society, particularly, the level of accountability of mining companies and the state on expenses and revenues needs improvement.

Main objective

Joining the initiative will increase the transparency in the sector, will ensure high level of accountability, as well as improve the investment environment.

Brief description of commitment

Integration and membership of the EITI initiative.

OGP challenge addressed by the commitment

Improvement of public services, More efficient management of public resources.

Relevance to OGP values





By this commitment is expecting to become a member of the EITI initiative. Creation of the regulated or dedicated unit.

Potential Impact:


Implementation status


UN Goals

9.C Significantly increase access to information and communications technology and strive to provide universal and affordable access to the Internet in least developed countries by 2020.

Ongoing actions

Action Description
Start Date
End Date
Comment from government
1.Launch of the process of joining Exporting Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI), particularly, holding discussions, negotiations and other necessary preparatory works.