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Action Plans

4. Modernising community web-sites; enhancing publicity, transparency and participation at the local level

Commitment Start and End Date: 11.2018 - 08.2020
Lead implementing agency: Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure
Person responsible from implementing agency: Ashot Giloyan
Title, Department: Head of Department for Local Self-Government Policy
Phone: +37410511342

Other actors involved

Other state actors involved

Ministry of Justice

Civil society, private sector

“Armavir Development Center “ NGO,

"Commitment to Constructive Dialogue" Project implemented by the Armenian Lawyers' Association,

“Information System Development and Training Center” NGO (upon consent)

Issue subject to regulation

The Law of the Republic of Armenia "On local self-government" and the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On freedom of information" prescribe the information that local self-government bodies are obliged to publish, as information holders. In particular, point 5 of Article 11 of the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On local self-government" prescribes the obligation of the community with a population of 3000 residents or more to have an official website and the list of the documents subject to mandatory posting on that web-site.

The issue subject to regulation is that the composition of the above-mentioned information subject to publication, prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, is not complete; it does not include a number data more required by the resident and needs such an enlargement which will contribute also to increasing participation, transparency, and accountability at the local level.

Main objective

The objective of the committee is to improve transparency and publicity of the activities of local self-government bodies in communities of the Republic, with a population of 3000 residents or more, to improve the quality, accessibility, and availability of community services provided to the population, as well as to ensure participation.

Brief description of commitment

Within the scope of performance of the commitment, it is envisaged to undertake steps in two directions: implementing legislative amendments and improving the operational possibilities of the community websites.

By the legislative amendments to be implemented, communities with population of 3000 residents or more will be obliged to publish also the following:

-     general information (budget, type of activities, address, contact details, etc.) on the institutions existing in the community (educational, cultural, etc.) and (or) address of the official web-site thereof (if available);

-     services provided by the municipality and the institutions operating thereunder;

-     information on issuance of permits for advertisements, trade, construction and other types of permits;

-     information related to construction carried out in the community through public resources;

With regard to expansion of the operational possibilities of community web-sites, the following is envisaged:

-     improving the component of management of the community property, which will allow making the information on the community property and the management thereof accessible for residents, concurrently ensuring accessibility of the information investors are interested in;

-     introducing in communities with population of 20.000 residents or more the subsystem of on-line listing of children for pre-school educational institutions operating under the community;

-     developing the component of information cards containing descriptions of the procedures of services provided, which concurrently with providing detailed information on the services being provided, will enable residents to present opinions and proposals on the services provided, for the purpose of ensuring provision of citizen-oriented services by local self-government bodies;

-         ensuring consideration of drafts of regulatory legal acts by local self-government bodies of communities with population of 20.000 residents or more on the unified web-site for publication of draft legal acts.

OGP challenge addressed by the commitment

Raising the level of public confidence, more efficient management of public resources.

Relevance to OGP values

Transparency, publicity, participation, technology, and innovation.


Availability of official community websites that will be more accessible and will contain more information for residents, enlargement of local participation.

Potential Impact:


Implementation status


UN Goals

11.3 enhance, by 2030, inclusive and sustainable urbanization and capacities for participatory, integrated and sustainable human settlement planning and management in all countries

Ongoing actions

Action Description
Start Date
End Date
Comment from government
1.Drawing up a package of legislative drafts on making amendments to the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On local self-government" and the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On local self-government in the city of Yerevan"
2.2.Organising public discussions on the legislative amendments
3.3. Submitting to the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia the package of drafts of the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On local self-government" and the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On local self-government in the city of Yerevan"
4.4. Bringing community official web-sites into compliance with the legislative amendments
5.5. Information campaign aimed at local self-government bodies and CSOs; introducing to community users the possibilities of new tools and web-sites